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If you have been arrested for a DWI or are under investigation for a criminal offense, you want an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your constitutional rights. The criminal justice system is often a frightening place. You can feel powerless in the face of police officers and prosecutors, unsure of your rights, and fearful that you will unnecessarily take actions that are damaging to your defense. You want a knowledgeable DWI Defense Lawyer who will ensure that your constitutional guarantees are protected to act as your advocate.

At Bailey & Galyen, our criminal defense team brings decades of experience to people across Texas, including individuals facing DWI charges. We will move quickly to safeguard your rights, but will also take the time to carefully investigate the facts and circumstances of your case so that we can identify and present any realistic defenses. We emphasize communication, keeping you fully informed of all your case’s developments, as well as your options, so that you can make educated decisions.

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Our DWI Defense Lawyers protect the rights of clients across Texas, including in Dallas – Fort Worth, Houston, Bedford, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, Weatherford, Harlingen, Brownsville, Mesquite, Plano and McAllen, TX.

Experienced DWI Defense Attorneys

We handle all matters related to DWI charges, from the administrative proceeding regarding the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license to the criminal proceeding to determine penalties. We represent first-time as well as repeat offenders, and protect the rights of juveniles charged with drunk driving.

We will fully investigate the facts surrounding your arrest, looking first to determine whether there was probable cause for any search or seizure, and whether you were properly advised of your rights before talking with police officers. We will also examine police records and interview witnesses to verify that field sobriety and blood alcohol tests were correctly administered.

We handle a wide range of felony and misdemeanor charges in addition to DWI cases, from traffic violations to white-collar crimes, from drug offenses to murder. We defend people in state and federal courts in Texas, and can help you expunge or obtain a nondisclosure order regarding a prior conviction. To learn more about our comprehensive criminal defense practice, visit our criminal defense website at www.baileygalyencriminallaw.com.

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Our DWI attorneys protect the rights of clients across south Texas, including in Dallas – Fort Worth, Houston, Bedford, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Irving, Weatherford, Harlingen, Brownsville, Mesquite, Plano and McAllen, TX.

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