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We provide comprehensive counsel to anyone charged with DWI, from the administrative hearing regarding the status of your driving privileges to the criminal hearing to determine penalties. To learn more about how we can protect your constitutional rights, see our DWI overview page.

This site provides extensive information and resources to anyone concerned about an arrest on a charge of drunk driving, from ways to avoid an arrest for DWI to frequently asked questions and important terms you need to know regarding DWI.
An arrest for or DWI can happen quickly and in the most innocent of circumstances. You might have had dinner with a friend, enjoyed a beer or a glass of wine, and gotten pulled over on the way home. It’s always important to know your rights, so that you don’t accidently volunteer information that can be used against you in court.

If your loved one has been arrested for drinking and driving, you may be required to post a bond to obtain his or her release. We handle all matters related to bail bonds in Dallas and Tarrant Counties, helping make certain bond is set quickly and that the amount of the bond is appropriate to the level of the offense.

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DWI Overview
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Drivers License Privileges
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